White Light Applications

White Light Applications

In self defense situations it is always best to leave the house with the odds stacked in your favor. There is no fair fighting when fighting for your life, cheating is encouraged. Your every day carry load out should do exactly that give you the upper hand in every situation you may find yourself in. The application of a bright white light increases your unfair advantage tremendously.

What are the benefits?

It allows you to identify the threat or non threat in any lighting condition. Allowing you to differentiate between someone who is approaching you with a weapon, or a harmless cell phone should be enough reason to carry a light.

You also gain the ability to use the light as temporary concealment from attacker, to temporarily blind, and or disorient. I don’t know about you but simultaneously highlighting a threat while concealing yourself from said threat is a win win.

But let’s throw the tacti-cool talk aside and think real world non life or death situations. You drop your keys in a movie theatre. Date night at Olive Garden and the power at goes out. Or the worst possible non life threatening situation you can find yourself in. Let me set the scene, you’re minding your own business. Pants around your ankles in a public restroom stall doing the “doo” and some dimwit leaves the restroom and kills the lights on his way out… There’s nothing worse than pooping in the dark.

The applications are countless, ranging from preventing loss of life to comedic spectacle. Lastly to put it Simply, You can’t shoot what you can’t see. So in closing if you carry a gun, carry a quality white light. If not you will be left in the dark… Pun intended.

Pictured is a Klarus xt11
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