The Gun Show Loophole

The Gun Show Loophole

it’s time to address the gun show loophole. Odds are you have heard it mentioned in the media. Terrifying stories of how criminals can walk into a gun show and buy fully automatic ghost guns with 30 caliber magazine launcher clips… The media and their “journalists” uses words they deem as scary to sway the populace, not based on facts or knowledge but based on who’s lining their pockets. It’s no longer become an argument of fact vs fiction but a spoon-feeding of “believe this because it will further the political agenda of my investors.”

I like going to gun shows, in fact the day this blog posts I’ll be at one. I’ve been going to gun shows for the better part of a decade now and I’d like to share with you what I find to be true.

The picture the media paints is one filled with shady characters, black market / under the table gun dealers who are more than willing to trade weapons for currency no matter the background of the buyer.

I find the opposite to be true.

In actuality a gun show is merely a collection of federally licensed firearm dealers, holster makers, gun smiths, antique collectors, folks selling knives, flashlights, and other firearm accessories. All of these vendors in one location breeds competition and drives down prices.

In order to set up a table and sell firearms at a Gun show you have to hold a federal firearms license or “FFL”

Gun shows give smaller “mom and pop” licensed gun dealers who cannot afford to keep a retail space the opportunity to set up shop, and compete with the big dogs in the gun industry.

Gun shows are the reason some small businesses in the firearms industry are able to keep the bills paid and food on the table.

In contradiction to what the media tells you. By no means can you walk up to a table at a gun show, pick which ever gun you want, pay for it and walk away without first passing both a state and federal background check. let me repeat that.


To take it a step further there are some other types of weapons that are for sale at gun shows but even after you pay for them and pass the two background checks you cannot posses them without first being approved and taxed by the BATFE (BUREAU of ALCOHOL TOBACCO FIREARMS and EXPLOSIVES)

These items are considered class 3 or NFA items (national firearms act.)

These items include, Short barreled rifles and shotguns (SBR/SBS) Sound Suppressors, and fully automatic machine guns. The amount of information you would have to provide to obtain one of these weapons could fill a blog post itself. To keep it short I will quickly list the basics.

– Pass a standard background check
– 2 sets of finger prints
– 2 passport quality photos
– certified letter notifying local law enforcement
– file a form 4 detailing the description of the firearm or sound suppressor
– $200.00 tax on top of the retail price
– currently a 6-8 month wait time for approval.

By now you are probably starting to understand my frustration with the media and how different they depict gun shows from what they actually are.

But let’s get down to what they really consider the loophole.

Private sale of firearms. I could just feel the liberals cringe as they read those words.

By VA State law I can legally sell a firearm that I currently posses to any other VA resident for any reason. Wether it be a revolver, semi auto handgun, bolt-action rifle, pump-action shotgun, or even the dark and scary AR-15 “Assault” rifle.

Before you start pointing and screaming see there it is there is the loophole terrorists can buy guns from private citizens! Slow down a second and let’s discuss how every private sale between responsible gun owners happens.

Let’s say I have a 5 shot .357 magnum revolver for sale (which I do) I bring said revolver to the gun show to try to sell or trade it. Why? Because there are a lot of people looking to buy/sell/trade at these places. I may even put a sign on my back with description of the gun, pictures, and pricing. Someone may come up to me and inquire about the gun I have for sale and offer to buy it.

Pay attention class

I would then ask to see his VALID VA DRIVERS LICENSE AND VALID VA CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT. We in the gun world call these “good guy papers” I would check to see if both the name and address matches on these forms of ID. Walk my “customer” to a gun retailer and ask them to make a copy of his concealed handgun permit for my records, or ask his permission to photograph it with my smart phone and have him sign and date a bill of sale I have written out. If he is comfortable with these terms then we can complete the transaction. If not, then there is no sale.

VA is also now REQUIRING law enforcement to set up a table to do background checks and serial number checks at ALL GUN SHOWS for those interested in doing private sales. It’s not required for private sales but it is offered for a small charge. If I end up selling my .357 privately this weekend I will use the law enforcement table to complete the background check, and I will also encourage my customer to use the serial number check to ensure the gun i’m selling is not stolen. Offering this service gives additional peace of mind between buyer and seller.

What the liberals don’t seem to understand is we in the gun community don’t want criminals / terrorist / mentally ill getting ahold of guns either. That’s why we ask for the “good guy papers” when we conduct a private sale. We don’t want guns getting into the wrong hands, especially guns that we previously owned. If someone has a valid concealed handgun permit I know they can pass a background check, simply because they had to pass one to be carrying a concealed handgun permit.

Lastly, you may be thinking to yourself well yeah that’s all well and good but what about the irresponsible gun owners or people who simply don’t care if their gun gets into the wrong hands what about them selling guns privately?

To that I pose a question to you. If someone is willing to be irresponsible or greedy enough to sell a gun privately without verifying good guy papers. Knowing that they could be handing a deadly weapon to someone ill intentions. Do you honestly think making it illegal would stop them?

In closing the gun show loophole is a lot like big foot, there’s a group of people who believe it exists simply because other people say it does. Neither party has proof of its existence, they are just perpetuating a lie, furthering the existences of something they have never seen nor experienced for themselves. It’s the perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

If someone came on T.V. and claimed big foot is responsible for so many deaths and is creating so much havoc in our streets, wouldn’t we want proof? Wouldn’t we want to see pictures of big foot? Maybe a few studies done on his existence? an explanation of exactly what big foot is? Why is the gun show “loophole” any different?

We simply can’t believe something exists ONLY because the media and politicians say it does.

Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Don’t take my word for it. Get out, Go to a gun show. Experience it for yourself.

If you are in VA this weekend Dulles expo center in Chantilly is hosting he nation’s gun show. July 29/30/31 2016 while your there check out the SSG Tactical Booth they are great guys, very knowledgeable and have done easily 90% of my transfers and background checks.

Don’t stay blind

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