Gun Free Zones : Enabler of the Active Shooter 

Gun Free Zones : Enabler of the Active Shooter 

I’ve tried to stay quiet on this issue due to feeling like a broken record with my stance on these acts of violence. I told myself I wouldn’t write this, I don’t want to come off insensitive. I believe that we should be mourning the lost not delving into politics. But I can’t log onto any social media, turn on the tv, or listen to the radio without hearing some uneducated expert spewing his opinion on what firearm regulation could have prevented the shooting in Orlando. 

As always my thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their family’s as they go through undoubtably the most difficult time of their lives. I don’t say that just to say it either. Innocent people were targeted based on their sexual preference and it truly disgusts me. I may not agree with their lifestyle but my heart truly breaks for those involved and it angers me that things like this continue to happen. 

Something needs to change. 

Over the past few days all of my feeds are flooded with people who do not know guns, do not own guns, don’t shoot, don’t train, don’t carry, can’t tell you the difference between a mag and a clip. Yet they are all pushing their uninformed opinion of higher regulations on firearms. 

One thing I read that really stood out to me was. 

We do not want to take guns from the “good guys” we only want to stop “the dark side” of gun owners. 

Well finally there is something we have in common. That’s particularly why I carry a gun, to stop “the dark side” of gun owners. 

I agree we need to be able to stop “the dark side.” Those willing to walk boldly into an area filled with innocent people and slaughter them with no remorse. 
What type of regulations could be put in place to stop these acts of violence? 

A longer waiting period to purchase a gun will not stop someone who is bent on unleashing hate on the innocent. These acts are ALWAYS premeditated. 

A magazine capacity limit and a assault weapons ban put in place by the state of California did not stop the San Bernardino shooters. 
An all out gun ban put in place by the city of Paris did not stop the monsters that committed the attack last November. 

So what could we change? 

If you truly, and I mean truly want to stop these atrocities. You need to let the “good guys” fight “the dark side” 

Time after time after time after time after time. These acts take place in areas where the “good guys” are told not to bring their gun. While “the dark side” waltzes right in met with no force at all. 
People say we do not want to take guns away from “the good guys” while Gun Free Zones do exactly that, they disarm those ready to fight “the dark side” 

Gun Free Zones are the enabler of The Active Shooter. 

If we as a nation truly want to stop these acts of violence, we need to stop chaining down those willing to fight with laws that DO NOTHING but announce that everyone present in this location is unarmed and defenseless. They know this for a fact, we give them the upper hand and peace of mind knowing that they will have no one to deal with until Law Enforcement arrive. 

All I’m asking is for a fighting chance, Ridding our country of Gun Free Zones will not stop these acts immediately. But the death toll will decrease and those willing to commit these acts will be met with force like they have never seen before. They would no longer have a room full of sheep ready for the slaughter, everywhere they went there would be a few sheepdog hiding in plain sight ready to bring the fight to them. 

The only language these people speak is violence, no amount of laws or regulations can change that. The only thing we can do is meet their violence with those willing to protect our own. Willing to do what ever necessary to ensure the safety of those around us.  

Don’t be an enabler, END GUN FREE ZONES!

Stay Armed 


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