Opinions & Reviews

Opinions & Reviews

Firearms and Accessories.
Mags and Ammo.
Plate Carriers and Body Armor.
SBR’s and Suppressors.
Flashlights and Pocket Knives.
Red Dots and Scopes.
Hearing and Eye Protection.
Holsters and Mag Carriers.
Bags and Gear.

Did I miss anything?

I have a bit of experience in all of these areas and in this section I will share my opinions, and provide reviews.

Opinions – Sharing what I believe to be the strengths and weaknesses of weapon platforms.  How I would set up a plate carrier.  What job specific optic I choose for different purpose-built rifles.  Political rants on anti-gun legislation.  Some of it will be bias, then again it is just my opinion.

Reviews – Does it work?  Is it worth the money?  Will I trust my life to it?  Should you trust your life to it?  This will lean more toward the unbiased side of the spectrum.  I will only present the facts,  regardless wether or not they align with my personal opinion. Each object reviewed will be given a 1-5 rating with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest.

This section will be highly molded by the input of those interested.

Is there a product you are interested in but not sure if its worth it’s weight?

Can it take a beating? Can it hold its own? Can it??? StaySuspicious?

Let’s discuss.