Lord, Liar, Or Lunatic

Lord, Liar, Or Lunatic

Jesus Christ is such a polarizing figure. Regardless of who you are, where you are from, or what you believe odds are you have some sort of opinion about Jesus.

Lord, Liar, or Lunatic is a chapter in Josh McDowell’s book, More Than a Carpenter. In this inspirational classic McDowell explores the evidence on who Jesus said he was.

This particular chapter has stuck with me for years and in my own words I would like to give my opinion on who Jesus is.

Based the claims Jesus himself made in the gospels of Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus was one of those three things. Either he was Lord, or he was a Liar, or he was a Lunatic.

Many people have no problem claiming that Jesus was a “good man” a wise prophet, a “bringer of good news.”
Most of the world has no issue with Jesus being a “good man” But Jesus said he was more than that.

Jesus made a claim not only to be the son of God but to be one with God, to be God in the flesh.

So… If Jesus made these claims, knowing that they weren’t true, he would not be a “good man” nor a “wise prophet” he would simply be a Liar. Someone who lied to thousands and thousands of people, Giving them false hope that he would deliver them from their sins.

By definition Jesus could not be a “good man” and a liar who misled people into believing that he and God were one in the same.

Then begs the question, how could someone who is a liar consistently maintain from beginning to end the purest and noblest character throughout history. If he was a Liar why would he choose to die for a lie? How could he pull off a multitude of lies about himself concerning the prophecies that predicted everything from where he would be born, to how he was betrayed, and even how he was killed. Someone who lived as Jesus lived, taught as Jesus taught, and died as Jesus died could not have been a Liar…

Okay so let’s examine the other option. He was a lunatic, He claimed to be the son of God, he claimed to be God in the flesh, and he truly believed it. In this day in age if someone walked around claiming to be God… He would end up in a mental institution, in a nice padded room, for the rest of his life.

If Jesus was insane his poise and composure would be nothing short of amazing. He spoke the most profound words ever recorded. The idea of Jesus being a lunatic is easily dismissed simply based on how profound, logical, simple yet vast his teachings were and he himself followed those teachings perfectly.

In conclusion. If Jesus was not a liar, nor a Lunatic, then he must be Lord.

The choice is yours to make. You can shut him up and dismiss him as a fool.

You can claim his teachings were lies and sentence him to death as the religious leaders in his day.

Or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord.

The choice is yours.