The Fundamentals: Sight Alighnment

The Fundamentals: Sight Alighnment

Sight Alignment is one fundamental that really is as simple as it sounds.

Proper sight alignment is simply lining up your sights (front and rear) so they are both level horizontally and having equal space on both sides. Time after time you will hear instructors say, equal height, equal light, and focus on front sight.


I could just stop there and move onto the next fundamental, but let’s take a second and examine it a bit further. The importance of sight alignment increases with distance.


While an improper sight alignment won’t make very much difference at 3 yards it could very well be the difference of a hit and a miss at 15 yards. Distance will show your flaws, if you only shoot at 3-7 yards push yourself farther. Find where your shots are no longer hitting your target and work on your fundamentals there.

Just as I mentioned in the previous fundamental, (sight picture) take some time and practice sight alignment before you start a dry fire session.
After you have cleared your weapon, and removed any ammo from the room, pick a target, extend your weapon and line up the sights,
Making sure they are level and there is equal space between them, left and right. Remember FOCUS ON YOUR FRONT SIGHT!

During live fire if your shots are hitting directly left, right, above, or below, your point of aim. This is usually an issue with improper sight alignment.

Below is a short video illustration of where your shots hit in relation to how your sights are aligned.

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