The Purge Election Year : Review

The Purge Election Year : Review

It’s been some time since my last movie review. I’ve had a few requests to bring them back and since The first purge movie is what started me writing reviews, I thought it would be fitting to return to them by writing a review for the newest purge movie, Purge Election Year.

Our story opens up on a gruesome scene, a purge night from years past. A family of four are minutes from being victims of a masked psychopath as he exercises his right as an American to purge. Fast-forward some years later and we meet our two main characters Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) the hero from the previous Purge Anarchy, Who is now head of security for presidential candidate Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). Senator Roan was the lone survivor of the family of 4 in the gruesome scene depicted at the opening. She has since made it her duty to end The Purge by becoming president and taking executive action against the NFFA and all those who support The Purge.

As purge night rolls around this election year the stakes are higher than ever. Leo must do what ever it takes to keep the senator alive. Their security detail falls apart, leaving Leo and the Senator forced out onto the street, alone, during the purge. Who is trying so desperately to kill them? Will Leo be able to protect the senator? Will they survive this years purge?

The Purge Election Year is the third movie in its franchise and I believe it to be the worst of the three.

The main plot of the movie is pretty solid, it’s predictable but solid. Then there are a few smaller sub plots throughout the movie that are so insanely juvenile even thinking about them a day later makes me cringe.

The movie is full of cliché, horrible and I mean down right horrible acting, a so so plot, all tied together with some okay action scenes and your expected blood/gore and jump scares. Don’t even get me started about the
anti gun / anti NRA / anti america undertones throughout.

I was disappointed, I think the purge movies have great potential to be solid horror/action films and they totally dropped the ball with this one. They created an awesome universe and ruined it.

If you have seen the other movies it’s still worth watching just to see more story unfold, if you haven’t seen the others don’t waste your time.

Staysuspicious movie rating 4/10

If you missed my “surviving the purge” short story click the link below.

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