StaySuspicious is nothing more than a adage. A way of approaching a multitude of life’s issues. Not just an online identity but my own personal proverb if you will.

What does it mean?

Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see” Everyone today has an agenda, no one gives you just the facts anymore they constantly have to spin it to lean you towards their way of thinking.

It’s not about immediately dismissing everything as a load of bull, but more about taking in the information and testing it against what you know to be truth. There are many in the firearm industry who’s opinion I value quite highly. Be that as it may I will still test it for myself to see if it works for me and you should do the same.

On the flip side it’s also about keeping others suspicious of you. I know that sounds funny but I believe you should never show all of your cards, keep people guessing, and constantly adapt to the obstacles that life sends your way.

Now that you are in the loop I hope that when I sign my posts it serves as a reminder for you to question the information given, test everything against truth, play your cards close to your chest, and of course…