Tactics + Satire

Tactics + Satire

I have no formal tactical training.

I actively seek out different training classes from professionals in the industry and serve on a small security team for my church. With these two combined I end up participating in some sort of training 8-12 times a year. I am an aspiring firearm instructor, I love teaching new shooters the basics and writing different drills.

This by no means makes me an operator, I know where I stand on the tactical totem pole. I am a concealed carrier, who is completely obsessed with everything firearm related. I’m just a normal guy who enjoys taking what he has learned and passing it on to others.

The types of information found here will be a mix of tactics and satire. Everything from how to set up and run a shotgun in a home defense situation to live and dry fire drills to up your game no matter your skill level. Mashed together with exaggerated sarcastic survival scenarios.

Some posts will be serious, some… not so much.

Take it all with a grain of salt.