5 Shots Enough?

5 Shots Enough?

We won’t even get into how the excessive amount of recoil makes a very unpleasant shooting experience. A more cumbersome reloading method. All coupled with a less than optimal sight picture, a super short barrel and sight radius, and a 12-14 pound trigger it’s hard to say yes.

There are some that swear by a 5 shot snub nose. Referring to the rest of us as morons. I swear if I hear the “the if you can’t get it done in 5 shots you shouldn’t be doing it” argument one more time I’m gonna flip out! These are usually (read carefully I said usually) the people who place their target at no more than 3 yards, on a square range, standing perfectly still and slowing pulling the trigger 5 times and being happy with a 3-5 inch group. The only response I have for these people, is the response 95% of the teenagers in my youth group give when presented with information that goes against common sense… Bruh?

If all the variables could be controlled. As in being attacked by one person and one person only in a super close quarters situation. Then yes my pick would be a 5 shot snubbie. I say it all the time 5 shot snub nose revolvers are designed for gun fights inside of a phone booth. At contact distance a snubbie is hard to beat.

But gone are the days of mugger in an alley mindset. We have entered Into the world of gang initiations, active shooters, and Jihad extremist. In those situations I have to say No, 5 shots is not even close to enough.

I want something semi auto, high capacity, and a good set of sights. I want confidence in myself and the weapon system to make precise shots out to 25 yards. If all you have is a snubbie that’s fine, the first rule to a gun fight is bring a gun. But the 2nd rule is bring enough gun. I truly believe that in this day in age the 5 shot snub nose is not enough gun.

With all of that being said, can you guess what I carry? How confused would you be if I told you I carried a Smith & Wesson 442 air weight .38 special 5 shot snub nose revolver… Now that I have completely contradicted myself, allow me to explain.

Yes I do carry a snubbie, in addition to a custom tuned Glock 19 and 50 rounds of 124 grain 9mm Hollowpoints. (Hence gunfight rule number 2) The role of backup gun is simply best suited for the 5 shot revolver.

Everything that makes it a poor choice for a primary weapon makes it near perfect for a backup. The size, the weight, the ease of concealment, and the reliability outline the characteristics of the quintessential back up weapon.

So is 5 shots enough?
As a primary I would say no.
As a back up I would say absolutely.

Stay strapped, and as always…

Firearm pictured is
Smith & Wesson 442 .38 special.

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