The Fundamentals

The Fundamentals

When it comes to shooting there are seven different fundamentals to master in order to shrink the size of your groups on the range.

While I personally believe some of the fundamentals are more important than others they all work hand in hand to help your shots connect.




Sight picture

Sight alignment

Trigger press and

Follow through

Over the next few weeks I am going to explain these fundamentals in detail. I contemplated making one post encompassing all seven but I would like to include some video elements and pictures to help explain them individually. Breaking down all seven, finding pictures to help explain, and adding videos from professionals I trust in the industry would simply take to long to do in one week.

It is important to understand HOW to master these seven but I would also like to shed light on to WHY mastering these fundamentals makes you better behind a gun.

To quote Wyatt Earp “being fast is fine but accuracy is everything”

Mastering the seven fundamentals will improve your efficiency with your firearm, Reducing the size of your group on paper will amplify your confidence, and efficiency and confidence coupled together will make you both fast and accurate.

A ton of good info coming your way, stay tuned.