Who are you? Were you followed? Why are you here?

If I start by telling you about myself, it may shed light as to what this blog may end up looking like. I don’t take myself to seriously, I hope that translates into my posts.

To say I am a firearm enthusiasts would be an understatement. The title “gun nut” doesn’t sit well with me, that implies there is something wrong with my obsession. I prefer Firearm Aficionado, makes me feel fancy.

I am a 2nd amendment activist. A NRA life member. A NRA Certified Instructor. A certified Glock Armorer. A small business owner. But most importantly a follower of Jesus Christ.

I believe we live in a fallen world where day after day bad things happen to good people. We as a people should take every step necessary to protect ourselves and those we love. Also it doesn’t hurt to admire the things we use to defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the extraordinary pieces of engineering they are.

To sum it all up if your interests include. Firearms, knives, flashlights, body armor, suppressors, zombies, anything tacti-cool, presidential quotes, 2nd amendment news, gear reviews, EDC load outs and ideas. The occasional movie review. All mixed together with bits from the Bible, dry humor, and a pinch of conspiracy theory. You are in the right place.

To those new to the firearm family, Welcome there are no stupid questions. Click the contact link in the menu ask away. To those a bit more versed in the ways of the gun, please share your opinions and ideas.

Stay tuned, oh yeah… And StaySuspicious.