War Dogs : Review

War Dogs : Review

Our story opens up with David Packouz ( Miles Teller ) a young twenty something searching to find his direction in life. While struggling to make ends meet he becomes re-acquainted with an old friend from middle school Efraim Diveroli ( Jonah Hill ) who has recently started his own business, bidding on contracts and supplying the United States Government with Body armor, ammunition, handguns, optics, rifles, and everything else related to war. Almost over night making ends meet is no longer an issue for David, living large and running guns with his best friend, he quickly realizes that being a “war dog” may be more than he can handle. Can two twenty something young men compete with established arms dealers? Is what they are doing really legal? And lastly is this really based off a true story???

War Dogs was good, it told a very interesting story and told it quite well. The bits of comedy thrown together with moments of drama and a small fraction of action kept my interest through the movies entirety. The acting was ehhh, okay. Miles Teller always seems to have the same facial expression and Jonah Hill’s laugh throughout the movie drove me nuts. The story is really where this one shined, it was interesting to see these two build this empire and cross all the obstacles that came their way.

All in all it was a solid movie, if you are looking for a comedy this is not it. If you are looking for a shoot um up thriller… Again not it. But if you are in the mood to see a well put together story then go see war dogs… Now if you will excuse me I’m going to do some research on if I can legally become an arms dealer for the United States government.

Staysuspicious movie rating 7/10

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