War Dogs : Review

War Dogs : Review

Our story opens up with David Packouz ( Miles Teller ) a young twenty something searching to find his direction in life. While struggling to make ends meet he becomes re-acquainted with an old friend from middle school Efraim Diveroli ( Jonah Hill ) who has recently started his own business, bidding on contracts and supplying the United States Government with Body armor, ammunition, handguns, optics, rifles, and everything else related to war. Almost over night making ends meet is no longer an issue for David, living large and running guns with his best friend, he quickly realizes that being a “war dog” may be more than he can handle. Can two twenty something young men compete with established arms dealers? Is what they are doing really legal? And lastly is this really based off a true story???

War Dogs was good, it told a very interesting story and told it quite well. The bits of comedy thrown together with moments of drama and a small fraction of action kept my interest through the movies entirety. The acting was ehhh, okay. Miles Teller always seems to have the same facial expression and Jonah Hill’s laugh throughout the movie drove me nuts. The story is really where this one shined, it was interesting to see these two build this empire and cross all the obstacles that came their way.

All in all it was a solid movie, if you are looking for a comedy this is not it. If you are looking for a shoot um up thriller… Again not it. But if you are in the mood to see a well put together story then go see war dogs… Now if you will excuse me I’m going to do some research on if I can legally become an arms dealer for the United States government.

Staysuspicious movie rating 7/10

Smooth Seas and Skilled Sailors

Smooth Seas and Skilled Sailors

This week marks three years since my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. When she was diagnosed I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, my family is no stranger to sickness but three years ago the word cancer was still terrifying. The outpouring of prayer and love from my friends and family helped strengthen me as we dealt with this storm.

One conversation with a very close friend really opened my eyes and gave me hope, I remember it like it was yesterday. It was only hours after I found out the diagnosis I’m on my way home from work and my phone rings. I answer, not really in the mood to talk to anyone. The conversation was quick and simple but powerful. It went as follows.

Hey man, I heard about your mom, just wanted to let you know I’m praying for her and your family, Don’t stress about it too much, if you really think about it, it’s only cancer… Its nothing that God cannot handle he is still in control.

The day following my moms diagnosis I posted this on my Facebook, and reading it today three years later makes me smile.

As a lot of you know my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. I ask for your prayers for my family as we go through this difficult time.

I spent a few minutes alone with God yesterday, praying for peace for me and my family and I opened up an old bible of mine, one I probably haven’t opened in easily a year. It was the first bible I used when I read the whole book cover to cover years ago and it just so happened to be sitting there while I was praying. I opened it up to a page I had marked for some reason and the only thing highlighted on that page was a small exert from Job chapter 2.

“should we only expect good things from God and not bad things?”

Job is probably my favorite character in the bible for one reason and one reason alone. God trusted him to make satan look like a fool.

Job 2:1-10

“One day the members of the heavenly court came again to present themselves before the LORD, and the Accuser, Satan, came with them. “Where have you come from?” the LORD asked Satan. Satan answered the LORD, “I have been patrolling the earth, watching everything that’s going on.” Then the LORD asked Satan, “Have you noticed my servant Job? He is the finest man in all the earth. He is blameless—a man of complete integrity. He fears God and stays away from evil. And he has maintained his integrity, even though you urged me to harm him without cause.” Satan replied to the LORD, “Skin for skin! A man will give up everything he has to save his life. But reach out and take away his health, and he will surely curse you to your face!”

So Satan left the LORD’s presence, and he struck Job with terrible boils from head to foot. Job scraped his skin with a piece of broken pottery as he sat among the ashes. His wife said to him, “Are you still trying to maintain your integrity? Curse God and die.” But Job replied, “You talk like a foolish woman. Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad?” So in all this, Job said nothing wrong.”

The story goes on even further, Job looses his health, his wealth, and even his children. Yet he still remained faithful to God.

The sentence that gives me hope, that encourages my faith is how God says to Satan,

Have you noticed my servant Job?

Satan was roaming the earth, and God singles out Job.

Satan didn’t pick Job. God did. All of Jobs trails and tribulations were used to bring glory to God. Our God will never give us something we cannot handle. Cancer is such a small thing when you realize how great our God is.

I’m looking forward to making satan look like a fool.

It was a difficult time for my family, chemo therapy was very difficult for my mom, and seeing her struggle was difficult for my dad my brother and I. It was a like a storm that came out of no where and rocked the peaceful sea we called life, but like Franklin D. Roosevelt said

“a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

A lot has happened in three years. She had surgery, went through chemo therapy, and now is fully cancer free! We made Satan look foolish, we went though the rough waters of life and came out on top. Our faith was tested, and through the testing it became stronger.

Through all of this it has made the first chapter of James real to me.

“Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing.”

There may be some of you going through a storm right now as you read this, something may be testing your faith, you may feel like you are being tossed back and forth in life by different struggles and trails. Consider it and opportunity for great joy and use it to hone your skills as a sailor.


The Four Rules

The Four Rules

Any time the subject of firearms comes up in conversation it’s important to keep safety at the forefront. In the world of firearms there are four rules that all gun owners should live by. There is no room for carelessness when handling a firearm.

Carelessness leads to negligence and negligence to serious consequences.

So what are the four rules?

– Treat every gun as if it is loaded
– Never let the muzzle cover anything you do not wish to destroy
– Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your sights are on target
– Know your target and what lies beyond and between.

Hopefully, if you are a gun owner you were able to quote those before you read them. If not, please take some time, familiarize yourself with these rules, commit them to memory, and LIVE BY THEM.

Some people add a 5th rule in the middle.

– Keep your weapon on safe until your sights are on target and you have made the decision to fire.

This rule only applies to firearms with manually operated safety’s. I tend to skip over this rule due to the majority of weapons I handle and teach with do not have manually operated safety’s (Glock’s/Revolver’s) The popularity of defensive weapons without manually operated safety’s is consistently growing. The original four rules will ensure safety no matter the weapon, but If the weapon you are handling has a manually operated safety then by all means abide by this rule as well as the others.

Why are they important?

Treat every gun as if it is loaded.

If every-time you handle a firearm you treat it as if it is loaded it will build habits that could save your life of the life of someone you love. Even after checking, checking again, and checking for a third time to ensure the gun is unloaded and empty this does not give you the licensed to goof off with it. There have been countless stories of negligence of people breaking this rule. Assuming the gun is empty and pointing it at friends, family, pets, and even themselves and pressing the trigger only to be met with the harsh reality that in fact the gun was not empty. A split second of negligence can change your entire life. if you refuse not to treat every gun as if it is loaded you are gambling with the lives of those around you.

Never let your muzzle cover anything you do not wish to destroy.

To put it simpler don’t point your gun at anything you are not comfortable shooting. This rule goes hand in hand with the first. Even if you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your firearm is empty, waving a gun around and pointing it at people is not funny, it’s not cute, it’s dangerous and if practice these shenanigans, allow me to be blunt, you’re an idiot! This rule also has a place is dry fire practice and firearm disassembly. If your firearm requires you to dry fire (pull the trigger with an empty chamber) make sure your muzzle is not covering anything you do not wish to destroy. Point the weapon in a safe direction and ask yourself before you pull the trigger, if the gun does go off am I okay with sending a round through what ever the gun is pointed at?

For all of my dry fire trainers, those of us who spend hours racking our slides, lining our sights, and pressing our triggers with empty guns In the comfort of our own homes. This rule still applies, what ever you are using as your dry fire target make sure it doesn’t share a wall with a bedroom, or a living room, or a neighbors wall. I have my dry fire target posted on my office door in my basement, I know that no one is in the office before I start, and if God forbid there is a negligent discharge during my dry fire practice the only thing on the other side of the door is a wall and a bunch of dirt.

Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your sights are on target.

I know it’s tempting, it feels so natural, so right, where else does your finger belong if not the face of a trigger? Isn’t that why God gave us pointer fingers in the first place? As tempting as it may be prematurely making contact with the trigger is the most negligent thing you can do while handling a firearm, after all the trigger is what makes the gun go BANG! No matter the location or activity, at the range, un-holstering at night before bed, or If you woken up by the infamous bump in the night, and clearing your house is needed. Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until your sights are on target. Your adrenaline will be pumping odds are that a number of things could startle you and if you finger is resting on the face of the trigger, this is the perfect recipe for a negligent discharge.

Know your target and what lies beyond and between.

In case you didn’t know after being fired from a gun, bullets tend to pass through things. Some things easier than others. It’s important to know your target and what lies beyond and between simply for this fact alone. Even if everything goes right, you get a good sight a picture, sights are aligned properly, you press the trigger straight back and to the rear and your shot connects exactly where you wanted to. Odds are your target did not stop that projectile. It has passed though your target and into something or someone else… On the range and in fighting for our life it’s important to do your best to break the tunnel vision and be aware of your surroundings. Taking the extra time to ensure no one is taking a wiz behind your target stand, keeping watch incase the neighbors dog has gotten loose and is about to run into your line of sight, or by far the worse you are in fear for your life, made the decision to draw and drop the monster threatening you and little Timmy is riding his bike on the other side of the street. Know your target and what lies beyond and between.

I’ve taught these rules to countless new shooters, my favorite conversation happened when I taught firearm safety to the Royal Rangers at my church, A group of 8-12 year old boys eager to get their hands on my laser training pistol, squirming in their seats as I do all I can to get the four rules to stick. As I go over the rules for what had to be the 100th time I ask the class the importance of the fourth rule. I young man raises his hand ready to answer. The young man comes from a non firearm household. His answer is quite comical but it proves he understood the rule. He said and I quote “if you are hunting, and you see a deer. But there’s also dynamite behind the deer, you want to wait until the deer passed the dynamite before you shoot. So you don’t hit the dynamite and it doesn’t explode”

Farfetched and comedic but it’s still proved he understood the concept of the fourth rule.

All four rules are equally important, together they guarantee firearm safety in all situations.

There are no accidental discharges or gun “accidents” every single one can be accounted to negligence.

Commit these rules to memory, live by them, put an end the negligence, do not be part of a statistic.


The Gun Show Loophole

The Gun Show Loophole

it’s time to address the gun show loophole. Odds are you have heard it mentioned in the media. Terrifying stories of how criminals can walk into a gun show and buy fully automatic ghost guns with 30 caliber magazine launcher clips… The media and their “journalists” uses words they deem as scary to sway the populace, not based on facts or knowledge but based on who’s lining their pockets. It’s no longer become an argument of fact vs fiction but a spoon-feeding of “believe this because it will further the political agenda of my investors.”

I like going to gun shows, in fact the day this blog posts I’ll be at one. I’ve been going to gun shows for the better part of a decade now and I’d like to share with you what I find to be true.

The picture the media paints is one filled with shady characters, black market / under the table gun dealers who are more than willing to trade weapons for currency no matter the background of the buyer.

I find the opposite to be true.

In actuality a gun show is merely a collection of federally licensed firearm dealers, holster makers, gun smiths, antique collectors, folks selling knives, flashlights, and other firearm accessories. All of these vendors in one location breeds competition and drives down prices.

In order to set up a table and sell firearms at a Gun show you have to hold a federal firearms license or “FFL”

Gun shows give smaller “mom and pop” licensed gun dealers who cannot afford to keep a retail space the opportunity to set up shop, and compete with the big dogs in the gun industry.

Gun shows are the reason some small businesses in the firearms industry are able to keep the bills paid and food on the table.

In contradiction to what the media tells you. By no means can you walk up to a table at a gun show, pick which ever gun you want, pay for it and walk away without first passing both a state and federal background check. let me repeat that.


To take it a step further there are some other types of weapons that are for sale at gun shows but even after you pay for them and pass the two background checks you cannot posses them without first being approved and taxed by the BATFE (BUREAU of ALCOHOL TOBACCO FIREARMS and EXPLOSIVES)

These items are considered class 3 or NFA items (national firearms act.)

These items include, Short barreled rifles and shotguns (SBR/SBS) Sound Suppressors, and fully automatic machine guns. The amount of information you would have to provide to obtain one of these weapons could fill a blog post itself. To keep it short I will quickly list the basics.

– Pass a standard background check
– 2 sets of finger prints
– 2 passport quality photos
– certified letter notifying local law enforcement
– file a form 4 detailing the description of the firearm or sound suppressor
– $200.00 tax on top of the retail price
– currently a 6-8 month wait time for approval.

By now you are probably starting to understand my frustration with the media and how different they depict gun shows from what they actually are.

But let’s get down to what they really consider the loophole.

Private sale of firearms. I could just feel the liberals cringe as they read those words.

By VA State law I can legally sell a firearm that I currently posses to any other VA resident for any reason. Wether it be a revolver, semi auto handgun, bolt-action rifle, pump-action shotgun, or even the dark and scary AR-15 “Assault” rifle.

Before you start pointing and screaming see there it is there is the loophole terrorists can buy guns from private citizens! Slow down a second and let’s discuss how every private sale between responsible gun owners happens.

Let’s say I have a 5 shot .357 magnum revolver for sale (which I do) I bring said revolver to the gun show to try to sell or trade it. Why? Because there are a lot of people looking to buy/sell/trade at these places. I may even put a sign on my back with description of the gun, pictures, and pricing. Someone may come up to me and inquire about the gun I have for sale and offer to buy it.

Pay attention class

I would then ask to see his VALID VA DRIVERS LICENSE AND VALID VA CONCEALED HANDGUN PERMIT. We in the gun world call these “good guy papers” I would check to see if both the name and address matches on these forms of ID. Walk my “customer” to a gun retailer and ask them to make a copy of his concealed handgun permit for my records, or ask his permission to photograph it with my smart phone and have him sign and date a bill of sale I have written out. If he is comfortable with these terms then we can complete the transaction. If not, then there is no sale.

VA is also now REQUIRING law enforcement to set up a table to do background checks and serial number checks at ALL GUN SHOWS for those interested in doing private sales. It’s not required for private sales but it is offered for a small charge. If I end up selling my .357 privately this weekend I will use the law enforcement table to complete the background check, and I will also encourage my customer to use the serial number check to ensure the gun i’m selling is not stolen. Offering this service gives additional peace of mind between buyer and seller.

What the liberals don’t seem to understand is we in the gun community don’t want criminals / terrorist / mentally ill getting ahold of guns either. That’s why we ask for the “good guy papers” when we conduct a private sale. We don’t want guns getting into the wrong hands, especially guns that we previously owned. If someone has a valid concealed handgun permit I know they can pass a background check, simply because they had to pass one to be carrying a concealed handgun permit.

Lastly, you may be thinking to yourself well yeah that’s all well and good but what about the irresponsible gun owners or people who simply don’t care if their gun gets into the wrong hands what about them selling guns privately?

To that I pose a question to you. If someone is willing to be irresponsible or greedy enough to sell a gun privately without verifying good guy papers. Knowing that they could be handing a deadly weapon to someone ill intentions. Do you honestly think making it illegal would stop them?

In closing the gun show loophole is a lot like big foot, there’s a group of people who believe it exists simply because other people say it does. Neither party has proof of its existence, they are just perpetuating a lie, furthering the existences of something they have never seen nor experienced for themselves. It’s the perfect example of the blind leading the blind.

If someone came on T.V. and claimed big foot is responsible for so many deaths and is creating so much havoc in our streets, wouldn’t we want proof? Wouldn’t we want to see pictures of big foot? Maybe a few studies done on his existence? an explanation of exactly what big foot is? Why is the gun show “loophole” any different?

We simply can’t believe something exists ONLY because the media and politicians say it does.

Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. Don’t take my word for it. Get out, Go to a gun show. Experience it for yourself.

If you are in VA this weekend Dulles expo center in Chantilly is hosting he nation’s gun show. July 29/30/31 2016 while your there check out the SSG Tactical Booth they are great guys, very knowledgeable and have done easily 90% of my transfers and background checks.

Don’t stay blind

Concealed Carry + Traffic Stop

Concealed Carry + Traffic Stop

Carrying a weapon and communicating with law enforcement during a traffic stop can be a tense situation for both parties. In this post I would like to delve into what I believe is the proper etiquette for conducting yourself during a traffic stop while legally armed. It’s important to put law enforcement at ease and equally important to ensure your rights as an American citizen stay intact.

Growing up, being a young, stupid, 18-year-old. Behind the wheel of a fast car, with a heavy foot, and black windows. I’ve had my share of run ins with law enforcement. I’ve had my car searched, I’ve been searched, and I’ve had my licensed removed from my possession due to a racing on highway charge.

Fast forward 10 years and things have changed quite a bit, no more black windows but the heavy foot is still present and I still get a blue light special from the 5.0 from time to time. Difference is now I’m less stupid and usually heavily armed.

If you missed what I usually carry on my person from day-to-day here is a link. https://staysuspicious.com/my-edc/

A semi auto and a revolver are usually tucked into my waistband. Under the back seat of my truck I keep an armored plate carrier and a spare semi auto handgun accompanied by a handful of mags. It’s also very common for me to have a pistol caliber carbine tucked into a backpack in the seat behind me.

With all of these items present I’d be lying if I said my blood pressure didn’t rise a bit as local law enforcement begins to walk up to my window.

The key to this whole process is respect. Regardless if it’s being shown mutually or not. Respect is paramount.

There are a few things I do, and you should do as well to put the officer at ease as he makes his way to your driver side window.

Turn the radio OFF. Not down, not just loud enough to hear it, turn the radio completely OFF.

Roll your window all the way down. It’s also good to roll your rear driver side window down as well if your car has that ability.

If its dark turn ON your interior lights.

Don’t reach for your wallet, don’t reach into the glove box, don’t look for something that may have fallen under the seat.

Keep BOTH hands on the steering wheel as close to the top of the wheel as possible and WAIT. If you have passengers present inform them to keep both hands empty and visible as well.

Now it’s time for communication. My state (VA) does not require you to notify law enforcement that there is a weapon present in the car. While it is your right not to notify, When a traffic stop is conducted and your plates are ran, the officer performing the stop will know that the registered owner of the car has a concealed handgun permit.

Notifying law enforcement that there is a weapon (or in my case weapons) present puts them at ease. It shows respect for them, shows you are not a threat, and that you have nothing to hide.

Okay so the officer has made it to your window, he/she sees the windows down, the interior lights are on, your hands on the wheel, and there’s no music playing. Odds are you are already on their good side. He will go through his spiel license and registration you know the whole nine. Don’t interrupt, don’t answer questions that haven’t been asked yet. Wait for your turn to speak.

Now it’s your turn to talk.

Your wording at this point should be very well thought out. you don’t want to be the idiot that screams I GOT A GUN!

This is what I have said during every traffic stop.

Officer, Before I remove my hands from the steering wheel I would like to notify you that I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon in this state, my weapon is loaded on my right hip. my wallet is in my back right pocket. How would you like me to proceed?

Of course everyone carries slightly differently in different places, maybe off body, maybe small of the back, or ankle. Simply inform them of exactly where the weapon is and its condition, loaded / unloaded.

If I am carrying other weapons I will notify their presence as well, prior to informing the officer of where my wallet and ID are located.

You’ve been upfront with the officer, you have done you best to put him/her at ease, you have shown you are not a threat, and have nothing to hide. Now the ball is in their court.

Now it’s as simple as following instructions. I’ve had an officer tell me don’t show me yours I won’t show you mine. He was talking about his gun… I hope. I’ve had an officer ask for me to remain with my hands on the wheel and provide my social security number to run it through dispatch to confirm my identity. I’ve had an officer just proceed with the traffic stop as normal, I’ve also had a number of officers simply say thank you for being up front with me, slow down and have a nice day.

Traffic stops are a minor Inconvenience in the midst of life. 95% of the time caused by our own ignorance. There is no reason to let our emotions get the best of us. Keep a cool head, stay relaxed, show respect, communicate, and follow instructions.

With the recent spike in violence against police officers it’s crucial to do everything possible to ease the tension they feel as they walk up to your car during a traffic stop.

They put on a uniform, a badge, and a gun everyday knowing that every traffic stop could turn from a minor citation to deadly force in an instant.

These people put their lives on the line day after day to keep the peace. Rain, sleet, snow, insane heat, Christmas, New Years, thanksgiving, mid day to middle of the night. A lot of law enforcement officers are over worked, underpaid, unappreciated, tired, and hungry. There is no reason to make their job harder or more stressful.

We all want the same things. Do the job we get paid to do and make it home to our family’s after that job is done. It’s simple.

Stay respectful

Drill : 50 Round Warm Up

Drill : 50 Round Warm Up

Who doesn’t love going shooting and sending a bit of freedom down range?

Hitting the range is easily my favorite pass time. There aren’t many outdoor ranges in my area, I spend the majority of my time behind a gun in an indoor climate controlled square range.

I may not be able to “Run and Gun” on a range like this, it’s also a tad bit difficult to induce stress, but I’ve come up with a few drills that I like to run to make the best use of my time and ammo on the range.

I see plenty of people on my range doing the same thing over and over and over again. Never pushing themselves to improve. They buy a man-sized silhouette target, place it no further than 7 yards, then dump 50-100 rounds into it. They are happy as long as all their shots are on paper.

To me this is a waste of time, a waste of money, and a waste of ammo. I don’t like to be wasteful.

This is the warm up I do with my carry gun each time I go to the range, it’s nothing ground breaking, nothing that hasn’t been done before. The great thing about this set of fire is it can be done just as a warm up or if you cannot afford to run though more than 50 rounds per range session then this will give you the most bang for your buck… Pun intended.

Things you will need.
– A Gun… That should go without saying but, these days who knows.
– 2-4 magazines
– 50 rounds of ammo
– Targets any silhouette target will work but you will need something to make an 8 inch circle and some 3×5 index cards. Index cards are cheap and easy to keep track of to see your progress over time. After each session I write the gun that was used and the date on each index card along with the distance it was shot at. For 8 inch circles you can use 8 inch shoot n see targets. I buy them from Amazon. If you would like to go the cheaper route you can buy a whole lot of 8 inch paper plates and use them as your center mass targets. No shame In being frugal.

I really like these silhouette targets. They provide a lot of different things to shoot at including an 8 inch center mass and a 3×5 head shot zone.


Okay let’s get to it.

First. Dry Fire… Yes Dry Fire on a live fire range. It’s free, it’s not against the rules, and you’re not wasting ammo getting re-acquainted with your sights and trigger.

Check and clear your weapon. Start low ready or if your range allows you to draw from the holster start with your weapon unloaded and holstered.

Check the following

Grip – Making sure your fingers are where they are supposed to be, thumbs pointed forward, using every inch of your hand to cover as much of the frame of your weapon as possible.

Stance – Knees slightly bent, weight on the balls of your feet, strong side foot slightly behind the other.

Sight Picture – Nice crisp front sight focus.

Sight alignment – Equal height between the front and rear sight and equal daylight on both sides.

Trigger press – Slow and controlled straight to the rear of the gun

Follow through – Hold trigger to the rear after shot breaks, rack the slide and release trigger to reset.

Repeat 10-20 times or until you no longer feel yourself flinch.

Now that you are acquainted with the way your sights look and the way your trigger feels and breaks let’s move on to live fire.

The first drill will require 2-4 mags.
– Load 5 rounds into each mag.
– Target should be placed at 3 yards.
– Draw and slowly fire 5 rounds onto 8 inch center mass target.
– Reload when you run dry.
– Search and Asses your surroundings by bringing your gun in close for retention and looking left and over your shoulder and looking right and over your shoulder.
– Repeat at 5, 7, and 10 yards
– 20 rounds total
– Try to keep all 20 rounds on the 8 inch circle

If 5 or more of your shots are outside of the 8 inch circle it would be best to repeat this 20 round sting of fire. If you were able to keep 80% of your shots or better in the center mass circle it’s time to move on to something more difficult.

This next drill is a direct replica of the previous only changing your target area from center mass to head shots being 3×5 index cards. Making the target smaller will cause you to focus more on your fundamentals.

Same as the first drill, will require 2-4 mags.
– Load 5 rounds into each mag.
– Target should be placed at 3 yards.
– Draw and slowly fire 5 rounds onto 3×5 inch head shot target.
– Reload when you run dry.
– Search and Asses your surroundings by bringing your gun in close for retention and looking left and over your shoulder and looking right and over your shoulder.
– Repeat at 5, 7, and 10 yards changing out the index card at each distance
– 20 rounds total

This drill will help refine your accuracy and push you to your failure point. Connecting with all 5 rounds at 3 yards is simple but as you push the distance the level of difficulty increases. If you can consistently keep all 5 rounds on each index card try starting out further maybe 5 yards then moving to 7, 10, and 12 or 15. Find the spot where you can no longer keep all 5 shots on the 3×5 and push past it.

These two drills will do a few different things. First it will help you focus on your fundamentals. Force reloads, break focus from target by doing the search and asses, boost your confidence in making center mass shots and also push your failure point with head shots showing you at what distance your accuracy begins to fall apart.

At this point you should have 10 rounds left time to have a bit of fun. (As if the two previous drills weren’t fun) I like to take those last 10 and work on target transitioning. Because I suck at it.

This drill only requires 1 mag, Unless your mags hold less than 10 rounds.
– Load 10 rounds in 1 mag
– Targets are 2 separate 3×5 index cards placed 12-18 inches apart.
– Draw fire 1 round on each card
– Search and Asses your surroundings by bringing your gun in close for retention and looking left and over your shoulder and looking right and over your shoulder.
– Alternate from going left/right to right/left
– Repeat on same cards until empty
– Distance is up to you, I like to challenge myself with this one and place it at what ever distance I am struggling keeping 5 shots on from the previous drill.

Try these out next time you hit the range and over time you will see improvement far greater than if you were just wasting your ammo poking holes in the same silhouette over and over again.

You will have shots out of center mass, you will defiantly have shots off of the 3×5’s. All of us miss shots, we all have failure points. You can never grow as a shooter if you do not discover your failure point. Find it, address it, push past it.

Train often, carry always, search and asses.


The Purge Election Year : Review

The Purge Election Year : Review

It’s been some time since my last movie review. I’ve had a few requests to bring them back and since The first purge movie is what started me writing reviews, I thought it would be fitting to return to them by writing a review for the newest purge movie, Purge Election Year.

Our story opens up on a gruesome scene, a purge night from years past. A family of four are minutes from being victims of a masked psychopath as he exercises his right as an American to purge. Fast-forward some years later and we meet our two main characters Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) the hero from the previous Purge Anarchy, Who is now head of security for presidential candidate Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell). Senator Roan was the lone survivor of the family of 4 in the gruesome scene depicted at the opening. She has since made it her duty to end The Purge by becoming president and taking executive action against the NFFA and all those who support The Purge.

As purge night rolls around this election year the stakes are higher than ever. Leo must do what ever it takes to keep the senator alive. Their security detail falls apart, leaving Leo and the Senator forced out onto the street, alone, during the purge. Who is trying so desperately to kill them? Will Leo be able to protect the senator? Will they survive this years purge?

The Purge Election Year is the third movie in its franchise and I believe it to be the worst of the three.

The main plot of the movie is pretty solid, it’s predictable but solid. Then there are a few smaller sub plots throughout the movie that are so insanely juvenile even thinking about them a day later makes me cringe.

The movie is full of cliché, horrible and I mean down right horrible acting, a so so plot, all tied together with some okay action scenes and your expected blood/gore and jump scares. Don’t even get me started about the
anti gun / anti NRA / anti america undertones throughout.

I was disappointed, I think the purge movies have great potential to be solid horror/action films and they totally dropped the ball with this one. They created an awesome universe and ruined it.

If you have seen the other movies it’s still worth watching just to see more story unfold, if you haven’t seen the others don’t waste your time.

Staysuspicious movie rating 4/10

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The Cost

The Cost

Luke 14:25-27
A large crowd was following Jesus. He turned around and said to them, “If you want to be my disciple, you must hate everyone else by comparison—your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even your own life. Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple. And if you do not carry your own cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple.

We don’t really think about the cost of following Jesus to often. We think it’s just a walk up to the altar followed by a simple prayer and then try to live a better life afterwards.

Jesus shows us in this scripture that it’s a little more than that.

This scripture has always bothered me. Hate your mother and father, wives, children and so on and so forth. But he isn’t saying you must hate them to follow me. He is saying that if you following me causes problems with the unbelievers in your family you should be willing to pay the cost. Following Christ isn’t some half-hearted decision we make based on an emotion we have after a church service, it’s something to take seriously. So serious to the point where if it causes your mother and father, brothers and sisters, wives or husbands, sons or daughters to hate you. That you should forsake your family to follow him.

The people Jesus was speaking to, knew what it meant to carry a cross, the Romans forced those condemned to death to carry their cross, not to add insult to injury. But to show submission to the roman government. To show they were guilty of the charges brought against them and to show that they are willing to pay the price for their crimes.

This was not only a picture of submission to the leaders of Rome it was to show the onlookers that they were being submissive to the Roman Empire.

Really brings into light why Jesus tells us to carry our cross daily, to show submission to him, to realize that we are sinners, and to show the onlookers that we know we are imperfect but are trying our best to imitate Jesus.

Imitating Jesus may end up closing some relationships

Are you willing to pay the cost?

Surviving : The Purge

Surviving : The Purge

With only one week until the release of Purge Election Year, the third installment in the Purge movie series. I wanted to take an almost sarcastic look at how you could survive the Purge.

If you are unfamiliar with The Purge series of movies the plot is simple. Once a year, for a span of 12 consecutive hours, all crime is legal including murder. The Purge is a “holiday” put into effect by the government to ease crime and control the populace. During this time anyone who is upset with you, anyone you have wronged, or simply anyone who just wants to murder you and your family for the fun of it has the ability to, without fear of persecution by law.

I could say buy a plate carrier for every member of you family, lock the doors and sit with you backs to the wall and rifles pointed at every entry way. But where would the fun in that be?

It would be far more interesting to take a look at this scenario from the view-point of someone who took no precaution before hand, has no training, and is in well over their head.

If you have seen the first two movies I am going to be spinning my own version of a plot point found in the second movie, Purge Anarchy. A young couple, Traveling through an urban area hours before the commencement of the annual purge fall victim to the most Cliché circumstance found in horror movies… Car trouble.

The sun has begun to set, you are in a highly populated unfamiliar area, your car is dead and there is no hope of reviving it in time. Soon the sirens will sound, the purging will begin, and you will be on your own. You are un-armed and un-trained There will be no Law enforcement, no medical, no backup… Just you and your fiancé.

What do you do???

Ditch the car, and travel light. It will be dark soon you need to find somewhere to hide till morning. This isn’t long-term survival no need for food rations, your only focus should be staying low-key and moving quickly to somewhere you can secure.

Those wishing to Purge will be coming into the city soon, looking for easy victims as yourself. It’s best to not be an easy target but it’s good to not look like one either. Dirty you and your significant other up a bit, there’s bound to be some dirt and grease somewhere. Loose the engagement ring and the fancy sun glasses. You want to look like you belong out here, you want to look like you have already been in a fight and won.

Arm yourself, do it quickly! The sirens have already sounded and you can hear what sounds like gun fire in the distance. Pop your trunk, there’s likely some improvised blunt force weapon present. Be it a golf club, baseball bat, or lug wrench. The road flares, grab those they may come in handy later. No use in trying to conceal the weapon, everyone out here will have one.

Get moving! Surviving this will require you to get as far away from people as possible, being broke down in an urban area is quite possibly the worst case scenario.

Where would be the least influx of people on a night like this??? Think, think you idiot! That’s it! The news said all the banks will be moving their money in its entirety days before the purge to give less incentive for purgers to try to get rich over the next 12 hours. Even leaving the doors and bank vaults open and unlocked until morning when the managers are forced to come in and check for any damage to the vault. It was all over TV, radio and social media, the financial district will be like a ghost town.

Unfortunately the financial district starts is at the corner of Liberia and 56th and your car stopped just past 24th street… 32 blocks. Any other time it would be 35 minute walk, tonight it’s a mile and a half though hell.

The sun is gone, the street lights are lit, and every noise you hear startles you. Continue to check your corners, looking for anything that may be a threat. Keep your head down, keep your eyes up and keep MOVING! Don’t stop for anyone, trust no one, no one is out here to help you.

29th street, okay 5 blocks down no real threat. Stay off the main roads if possible, the shortest route may not be the safest. At the very least stay out of the light.

Making your way through the shadows
you have managed to make it all the way to 38th street without any confrontation. It’s been easily 90 minutes since the sirens sounded, marking the beginning…Then it happens. You can see the light in the distance, the smell of burning hair and gasoline have filled the air.

You have a choice to make, you can double back. Work your way around what or who ever started the fire up ahead. This would add to the time of being exposed in the open but lessen the chance of an encounter. That is unless someone has been following you… Or you can decide to move up closer and work your way around the blaze.

Your fiancé is terrified, you convince her to keep moving forward, toward the fire. As you continue closer you mind struggles to comprehend what you see before you.

A pile of bodies engulfed in flames as a group of psychopaths dance around it fuel cans still in hand. No trace of humanity in them as they joyfully dance around the bodies of their scorched victims… You heart sinks as you finally realize this is the type of enemy you face tonight.

It’s to late to turn back now, the odds of them witnessing your exit are far to great to risk. There’s a building to the right, you decide to use this as your route around the Pyro’s out front. The side entrance to the building is propped open. You enter quietly doing everything you can not to make your presence known. Moving slow and methodical through the building.

Your focus changes as your hear footsteps and the banter of two men bragging about whose kill was better. Stay in the shadows and stay quiet. They haven’t noticed you yet, one armed with a claw hammer the other with a rifle slung over his shoulder.

It’s time to act, be fast and be violent. They may pass by you and not notice but this is no time to gamble with the possibility of maybe. You have the element of surprise use it while you can! Attack the man with the gun first you do not want gun fire to interrupt those dancing around the flames outside.

As soon as they are close enough a strong knock to the head with your weapon should be enough to make this a one on one fight. Your hit connects and the rifleman hits the ground. His companion springs into action and tackles you to the floor. In the scuffle you lose grip of your weapon, luckily he’s also lost his claw hammer. Your struggling to cover your face trying to add time between the connections of his fist to your skull.

Is this the end? Is this how I am going to go out? Being beaten to death by some raging lunatic? These questions begin to flood your mind, then you hear it. The sound that shatters the environment around you. The sound of a high-powered rifle. Your assailant is not longer fighting. His blood all over you and his brain splattered on the wall next to you. Your fiancé is standing overtop of both of you with the rifleman’s gun in her hands shaking uncontrollably.

There’s no time, get up! Get moving! There’s no doubt that the Pyro’s outside heard the gun shot and are surly checking to see if there is someone else around to burn. You grab the rifle and sling it over your shoulder and begin to make your way out of the building and up town. No need to be quiet they know you are here.

Out of the building and back onto the streets, moving quickly now. You take a glance toward the flames behind you. It’s still burning strong but the dancers are nowhere to be found. Maybe they left? Maybe they moved on? Maybe those two you took out back in the building were part of their group and after they find their bodies they will be looking for you.

The street signs are passing faster now, 41st, 42nd, 43rd… At an all out run, no longer staying in the shadows. Your focus is running, getting to 56th street, 44th, 45th, you notice more and more garbage filling the streets, it never crossed your mind to watch your step. 46th street… That unassuming pile of newspaper you just stepped on was concealing a makeshift bear trap.

You’re trapped, the pain is excruciating. Your lower leg just above your ankle is bleeding and with every move the teeth of the trap seem to dig themselves deeper and deeper into your leg. Stay calm… Breath… Your partner helps force the trap open and you manage to free your foot. It’s bleeding and badly bruised. To make matters worse you hear footsteps and laughter coming behind you. No time to treat your wounds, you need to get to cover NOW! You and your fiancé stumble your way into the nearest building and lock yourselves in the first room you find.

For the first time in a while you feel like you can breathe. You use a lighter to provide a bit of light to examine your leg. The cuts are deep but the blood flow is slowing. Use your shirt to wrap your wound. Take the sling off of the rifle tie it around the shirt as tight as you can. Check the rifle. It’s a bolt-action so ammo will be slim to none, you unlock the bolt and pull it to the rear ejecting an empty casing onto the floor exposing the last round in the magazine. You slide the bolt forward into the locked position… You have one round use it wisely.

The sound of muffled voices cut through the silence. We almost had them, setting up those bear traps was a fantastic idea. You hear one say to the other. We will find them and burn them for what they did to Larry and Omar…

It’s them, the Pyro’s they’re In the building.

The voices trail off into the distance and you make your way out of the room, putting weight on your leg is becoming unbearable. You make your way onto the street and continue up to 56th. You know you’re no longer able to run, you need to make a plan…

The street signs are passing slower now. You make it to 51st only 5 blocks left and you can no longer keep the slow pace that you have been moving at. It’s time to take a stand. You cannot risk them catching you in the open. no more hiding, no more running. You share your plan with the love of your life, begging her to trust you. You instruct her on where to wait and what she needs to do. You kiss her for what may be the last time and then part ways.

You set up a barricade in the middle of the street between a broken down van and a dumpster. Your nerves are a wreck. Your mouth is dry and the exhaustion of the night is creeping up on you. You have lost all track of time. Then you hear them. Joking and laughing as all 5 of them stroll up the street in search of you. You can only pray that the canisters they are carrying are still somewhat full of fuel.

They’re roughly 20 yards from you when you announce as loud and strong as you can. THAT’S FAR ENOUGH! DON’T COME ANY CLOSER! The street falls silent. One of spouts off what if we don’t? they begin to step forward… Now is the moment of truth, you pick the rifle up and point it in their direction. Doing your best to steady yourself as you line up the sights with your target.

You press the trigger. The recoil of the rifle takes you off your balance a bit. But your shot hits it’s target. Striking the 5 gallon can of fuel held by the psychopath in the middle of the group. The can disintegrates dousing all five in fuel.

They erupt in laughter. You Idiot! This isn’t the movies, cans of gas don’t explode by shooting them!

NOW! You scream at the top of your lungs, your fiancé exposed herself on the 2nd story balcony right above the Pyro’s. She lights the road flare and tosses it onto them. Simultaneously they go up in flames igniting the other cans of fuel held by the group.

Those who took such joy in scorching others found a fitting end this Purge night.

She makes it back down to you and you both walk arm in arm the last 5 blocks taking your time, staying in the shadows and take shelter in the first bank you find. Just as the news said the financial district was empty, no one in sight. Banks doors unlocked and vaults open.

The sun has cut through the night sky and the feeling of peace begins to overwhelm you. You barricade the doors to the bank. Pushing furniture against every entrance. It’s over, it’s finally over you think to yourself as you wrap your arms around your love.

You both make your way to the vault, you take a breath as you begin pull the insanely heavy door closed from the inside. Just then, likely the most beautiful sound you could ever hear. The sirens begin to wail marking the end of this years Purge.

You did it. You survived The Purge.

I hope you enjoyed reading this satirical look at surviving The Purge.

Remember all the good The Purge does.